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  • Model5-BP05

    Real-time heart rate by infrared sensor

    Pedomter function

    Sports management software

    Vibrate alert for incoming call, SMS display.

    Equipped with leading infrared sensor, accurately test the real-time heart rate.

    Precise running algorithm, running rhythm in your control

    New fashion sports management software makes detailed analysis for sports and health data every week.

    Precise calorie expenditure algorithm.

    Vibrate alert for incoming call, SMS display.

    Infrared heart rate monitor: support

    Pedometer: support

    Calories/speed calculate: support

    Stop watch: support

    Incoming call, SMS alert: support


    Power tips: support

    Real time display: support

    Clock: support

    Vibrate : support

    Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V2.1 with CSR platform

    Display: 96*96 OLED

    Key: support 5 keys

    Working Frequency response: 2.4GHZ

    Working distance:5~10m

    Battery: built-in lithium battery with exposed contact point

    Material: plastic

    Size: 48*58*14.5mm

    Weight: 325g

    Unique design with good sound quality

    Accessory: charger cable, Audio cable

    Work temperature: -2075

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